Klaine - The First Time - French audio (with English Translation)

God, the translation for the whole scene is priceless.

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Blaine’s bedroom Scene :

B : I love Roxy Music. If I had a time machine I would go directly to the 70’s and french kiss Brian Ferry (WTH?!!)

K : Am I that unattractive?

B : Are you kidding? Your are the most interesting celibate in all of Ohio. (IDK, they could very well mean “single guy”. Did they not understand that when Blaine says “single most”, he is definitely not talking about his relationship status. SMH.)

K : Do you want me… Sexually? We’re being really chaste. Neither one of us has explored what is going on in the south of the equator. (Told you, this is gold).

B : I thought that’s what we wanted.

K : Yes, that’s true, but haven’t you ever had the urge to rip off each other’s clothes like beasts and get down to business. 

B : Yeah! That’s why masturbation exists!

K : It’s so hot here. Could you open a window? 

B : I’m serious. Okay, we’re young. And we’re just in high school. And I really want to follow through. But if we’re going to do it, I want to be sure that’s you’re ready too, otherwise I wouldn’t be comfortable. And besides, I don’t see how I could tear off all of your clothes, just like that, in 30 seconds.

K : Because I’m layered like an onion? (AN ONION! I can’t…)

B : Stop it, you turn me on!


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